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March 21, 2008
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new moon: chibi moon by scpg89 new moon: chibi moon by scpg89
chibi moon . . . i like the flow of her skirt better than the others. its more like how naoko takauchi drew them for the newer covers. anyways i might go back and do the other skirts like this, and im fixing sailor moon. (her hair is longer like the original)

so in the new moon story chibi usa is going to be like 6 or 7 when she first appears. she will come back from the future, but be a bit older. im thinking 10 MAYBE 11 . . . it just made no sense to me that she stayed the same age in the original mang and anime, but her apearance changed vastly. i mean if you look at her in the black moon arc of the manga she is clearly little. flash forward to the stars arc her limbs are crazy long. yea haha
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Spiffy! Love the new outfit.

And I know what you mean about her age... seemed like she went from 5-year-old shrimp to 12ish and almost up to Moon's shoulder in less than a year.
great work! chibi moon my fav=) * high five *

really cute. i really like it.
Kikyounokanashii Jun 15, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
The reason for the change in her body size/limb length is because in the manga she is 900 years old (I believe 908 is the official age as of her first appearance) and her body is small because she has not grown. After she becomes a senshi (at least in the manga) she has begun to grow as a person and as she continues through her training as a senshi she gains more and more self-confidence and when she becomes a fully realized senshi (at the end of the manga) she looks to be about the same age as Usagi was when she first became Sailor Moon (14). The reason for this transformation is to show her inner growth in an external way.

In any case, she looks lovely and I love these designs! :D
i was talking more about the anime . . . but thanks for the input :]
Stephanie-Chivas Mar 27, 2008  Student General Artist
Nice pic. She's look great. I never knew what age she was when she was in it. The first time she appeared she looked like she was no older than 5 I would say and then when she came back into it she seemed to look different ages all the time. From going back to being a lil bigger than when she first appeared and then maybe looking like 12ish.
pink hair crazy and im making my own story when the main character is up will you tell me what u think?
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